Vag com alternative

Vag com alternative

For years VAGCOM or VCDS has been the clear leader in the VW and Audi space when it comes to scan tools. Golf Tacho EEPROM auslesen Seite 3. Vag can pro (polnisch) Beiträge 22. Vielleicht kennen ein paar das Programm, aber einige kennen es sicher nicht und können nicht mehere hundert € bezahlen um paar Sachen codieren zu können.

VAG COM was the only option if you wanted to have accurate fault code info, perform long coding and have access to basic settings and adaptation channels on all VW and Audi control modules.

As the exclusive US distributor we are . I imagine it will cost $300? So my question is simple, what alternatives are there to read fault codes? Cheap, wireless VCDS alternative Beiträge 8. Alternative VAG scan tools Beiträge 26.

VAG-com alternative to Ross Tech that works well 3. Let me preface this by saying that I know how a lot of folks around here tend to prefer the more established brands for accessories for our VWs.

VAG-COM alternative for rear brakes? Fuer neuere farhzeuge, und fuer Windows gibt es keine echte alternativen. Das programm welches bei Eichstädt-Elektronik angeboten wird laeuft nur auf reinem DOS, nicht mal in einem Windows DOS fenster! Es is wesentlich einfacher die VAG protokole bei reinem DOS zu implementieren als bei . I asked this before but never got a response and now the thread is buried. But is there a cheaper alternative to the Vag Com ? Viele hier nutzen ja die günstigen KKL-OBD-Interfaces und die alte VAG- COM -Version, von der es auch eine Freewareversion gibt.

I realize that right now I may. Leider kommt man bei der kostenfreien Version ja nicht in viele Kanäle – u. In a similar hippie tren the VCDS communicates with your car computer via a USB to OBD-II type connector that costs around $3and looks like the photo over there. For most drivers, it is probably . Just disabled my cornering fogs and made a few other little changes (eg. little beep sound when locking the car). I did this using the carista app and OBDdongle thing.

So far this looks promising. It looks like a little more than what carista offers at this time.

He mentions that logging and IOS is not currently available however it will be in the future. I just purchased an obdeleven. This V-Checker Pro will do the.

Need to change my rear rotors and brak.