Ultragauge em plus

Ultragauge em plus

OBD II Scanner und Multifunktionsanzeige. Die EM Plus Version bietet fast vollständig den gleichen Funktionsumfang wie die Version EM V1. Die Plus Version ist vor allem für technisch versierte Anwender gedacht. Informationen in Englisch . Gauge selection is completely customizable, featuring pages with 4-gauges per page.

Pages allow gauges to be conveniently organized and accessed.

One page might be configured to display gauges focused on . Please note we are currently waiting on more stock of this product. The actual gauges available are vehicle dependent. If your vehicle supports any of the gauges liste then the gauge will be available for . UltraGauge can also verify emissions readiness monitors.

To learn about the EM plus, please see Ultragauge EM Plus product page. Once this order has been place please . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I bought an Ultragauge OBDII scan tool, and this is what it can do.

A must-have gadget for all vehicle owners. Zusätzlich können viele Werte wie der . We counted reviews for this product over the span of days, an average of 0. If these reviews were created randomly, there would be a 99. Read more about our Rating Trend test. Ultra Gauge EM Plus with year defect warranty give on the day purchase.

Present Ford F1- Ultragauge em plus vs mx 1. Just wondering out of the two versions which is the better to get. Price includes shipping. Anybody tried this new version? Readiness Monitors Performance Measurements Additional Wide OSensor support to track Stoichiometric AFR via Lambda In addition, when a trouble code alarm occurs, the . Just wanted to post some initial findings with my new ultragauge.

Normal highway egt is in the upper 600f range. Driving around town is upper 300f range. Based off of this it looks like trucks driven on the highway more often stay cleaner. We have options available.

It shows 11bit can bus connection, no other errors.