Swirl remover

Swirl remover

Eines der häufigsten Probleme bei der Autopflege sind feinste Lackschäden, die auch bei reiner Handwäsche kaum vermeidbar sind. Swirl Remover kann entweder per Hand oder mit einer . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Spider webs, holograms, towel marks, swirls.

Car guys tell us that eliminating them is their number one problem.

Formulated from our exp. See the entire Renew Rx line at Turtlewax. Der Wagen ist mehr oder weniger neu und es handelt sich um ein. Kann mit Hand oder einem Exzenter verwendet werden. Make sure your ride has the best of the best in auto care.

Removes fine scratches and swirl marks, while providing a dark, dramatic shine. It provides a deep gloss and serves as a cleaner and polish.

It is formulated to reduce splatter and make application, as well as wipe-down easier. Die Lackpflege erzielt dabei schnelle Ergebnisse bei minimalem Aufwand. Ideal gegen Hologramme und Swirls im Lack. Von Hand und per Exzentepoliermaschine. Zusätzlich kann dieses Produkt entweder per Hand oder mit einer Poliermaschine aufgetragen werden.

For years, visual imperfections such as swirl marks, scuffs, scratches and buffer holograms were the scourge of perfectionists everywhere. They infected vehicles without any discrimination – show cars, daily drivers, imports, domestics and custom vehicles all suffered. VSS cuts strong to quickly remove swirls, scratches, and defects. The advanced one-step polish finishes like a fine polish to restore lustrous shine and deep reflection. Use VSS to remove swirls and scratches . It removes fine scratches and swirl marks, while providing a dark, dramatic shine.

A SIMPLE SOLUTION – our advanced formula works when buffing by hand or with a dual action orbital polisher. Polishes oxidation after cleaning, all cars can shine again after blemish correction. Designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured painted surfaces.

Thanks to the unique formulation which is based on a microfine, high- purity aluminium oxide powder, light scratches and moderate signs of wear and tear in the top coat, as well as swirl marks and holograms from previous polishing.

Easily Removes Swirl Marks, Etched In Water Spots and Other Minor Imperfections from Your Finish. Works Great on Black and Dark-Colored Finishes !