Sequential shifter

Sequential shifter

The Ikeya Formula sequential shifter converts convential H pattern shift to a sequential up and down shift mechanism. Buy direct from Japan, 1 genuine parts shipped worldwide. A sequential manual transmission (or sequential manual gearbox ) is a non- traditional type of manual transmission used on motorcycles and high- performance cars for auto racing, where gears are selected in order, and direct access to specific gears is not possible.

With traditional manual transmissions, the driver can move . The only sequential shifter for tthat you can buy and fit today with an easy bolt on fitment.

No electronics required. The fastest most efficient shift possible with our unique patent pending mechanism. Developed to meet key criteria – size, strength, simplicity and adjustability – the BSS installs in minutes . BREMER SHIFTERS are unique in the world o performance shifters.

A true bolt on sequential shifter with less throw reduction. Sequential shifter for racing games and simulators. Arm length standard 170mm. As we work with each client individually.

All clients support and a lifetime warranty. We work with our clients to the last breath. A simple forward push advances the gear. Learn all about the sequential gearbox.

SEQSHIFT for 2bowden operated gearboxes is produced in versions: SQS – strictly mechanical version – intended only for dog boxes. SQS-E version with electromagnetic assistent is developed for synchro boxes, require lower operating forces and guarant exact engaging of gear. Possible also use with . You will love this remarkable shifter!

It uses the latest 3D-SLS Printing Technology to create a shifter that no other manufacturing method can product efficiently. Hallo zusammen, ich bin auf der nach einem vernünftigen sequential shifter , habe keine lust anhand von schablonen oder ähnlichen mir ein H-Shifter um zudödeln. Gibt es überhaupt vernünftige sequ. The Pro-Sim Lite simulator sequential gear shifter has been developed in conjunction with Quaife Engineering. The completely solid and robust design weighs a reassuring 2. Using a ball spring resistance system, shifting requires an early peak force after which resistance drops just as in real cars.

The shifter comes with various lengths of shifter levers as well as shifter knobs, allowing for maximum . TSS HANDBRAKE Sparco Mod. Two modes are available: progressive handbrake and sequential gearbox , delivering enhanced control during even the most intense races.

Zažij ten pocit a vzrušení jako se sekvenční převodovkou. Experience the feel and thrill of a racing sequential gearbox with the. Erleben Sie den Nervenkitzel eines sequeziellen Renngetriebes mit dem.

Představujeme revoluční novinku. To shift gears sequentially on external linkage gearboxes. This device replaces the standard H-pattern already in use.

Benefits of a sequential shifter include ergonomic design and removing the . I own a th8a shifter but it drive me crazy every time I need to change the plate from H to sequential , so I decided to make my own seq shifter.