Rust prevention magic

Rust prevention magic

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Das preisgekrönte Mittel wurde von Star-Restaurierer Dave Walden . Korrosionsschutz für alle blanken Metallteile. RPM is a revolutionary breakthrough in metal protection!

How often in a restoration are you forced to either paint or clear a component that is meant to be left bare and unfinished?

Now there is a way to achieve that natural look and finish without painting. Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New! No more painting and changing the look of . We were so intrigued by the product and had to try it out. rgebnis auf Amazon. ECS is proud to announce a breakthrough in metal protection for your project.

Rusty Suspension No More? Es gibt immer wieder Teile an einem Auto, wo der Stahl blank ist und so bleiben soll, aber trotzdem will man nicht, dass das Teil ungeschützt vor sich hin rostet.

This revolutionary chemical is ideal for protecting cast iron, stamped . No front end rebuild or restoration is complet withRPM. GUARANTEED SAME DAY SHIPPING Order by 2pm E. Shipping Note: This item can not be shipped by air. Use to protect all kinds of metals including cast-iron, stamped steel, aluminum, etc. RPM does not leave behind an oily residue and does not attract dirt. This product is a blend of the finest water-proofing polymers known to the automotive industry.

It inhibits and prot ects against all forms of oxidation on . RUST PREVENTION MAGIC is a trademark of DAVID WALDEN. Hi, hab noch nicht lange geschaut und nur aus den USA eine gefunden. Da ich nicht wusste wie ergiebig das Zeugs ist zur Sicherheit Dosen bestellt, eine könnte ich abgeben, bei Interesse PN. Lemans, or even your Mopar.

I started testing it for him on components as he was restoring the Valiant. I have used RPM on two cars worth of bare metal components and they still look as pristine as the day applied. GSF ein Sammeltopic bzgl.

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Eventuell auch was für den einen oder anderen von Euch? Status: Offline Registriert . From what I understan this is a fairly new product. Allerdings wesentlich teurer als in den Staaten.

ECS Automotive Concepts – Home In Deutschland kann man das auch schon kaufen. I will bead blasting some cast aluminum engine parts. Bead blasting really makes them look new, but I need to figure out a way to prevent future corrosion.

My first thought was to spray them with a high temp satin clear. Long lasting protection for raw metal components. Seals out rust and oxidization.

It is dry to the touch, nearly invisible, and it prevents rust longer than anything I have tried previously. RPM keeps metal parts looking brand new without leaving an oily reside behind. For years, restorers and enthusiasts have tried to solve the dilemma of what .