Poorboys wheel sealant

Poorboys wheel sealant

Die Problematik ist fast jedem Autobesitzer bekannt: Der Lack ist top gepflegt aber die schönen Alufelgen werden nach jeder Fahrt vom Bremsstaub verschandelt. Regelmäßiges säubern ist hier Pflicht, bevor sich die aggressiven Bremsstäube in die Felgenoberfläche gebrannt haben. So, bei ner Felgenversiegelung kann man ja eigentlich erst nach Monaten oder wenigstens nach Monaten was sagen. Chemical Guys Wheel Guard oder Poorboys Wheal.

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In this video we are showing you how quick and easy it is. They encounter all the contaminants that paint does plus brake dust, the. Wer schöne Felgen hat, der möchte diese natürlich auch ordentlich vor Dreck und Bremsstaub schützen.

Ein Produkt, was dies verspricht, ist das Poorboys wheel sealant. Es wird in einer kleinen Dose mit ca. One of the best benefits of this alloy sealant is the watermelon smell that is good enough to eat. However, it is not all .

Repels brake dust and grime, making wheels easy to clean and maintain. Our premium line of waxes, sealants , compounds, polishes and swirl removers MAY BE USED IN THE SUN OR IN THE SHADE because we understand . Because these contaminants are unable to penetrate this barrier, pitting and corrosion are prevented and your wheels remain clear and shiny. SAMEDAY Shipping up to 6:00pm. I thought I would write this review as a comparison between the NXT 2. Having done the car detailing circuit, as well as other . Properly protect any wheel finish and minimize the amount of brake dust and road contamination. Has an amazing watermelon scent that everyone loves!

Find great deals on eBay for ! They are safe for use by any adult, and are safe on all finishes, including:. When applied correctly the Poorboys wheel sealant give a deep glossy look to your wheels and makes future cleaning of your wheels extremely easy. Helps protects wheels from brake dust, . Wheel Sealant can be used on all wheel types.

Das hat mir natürlich keine Ruhe gelassen. Und wenn da so eine Felge auf der Montiermaschine liegt und wartet, kommt meine soziale Ader durch.

Grundgereinigt mit Berner Scheibenschaum, . Protege as jantes do pó dos travões. Facilita a lavagem das rodas. I decided that, since I love the slickness and durability of PBs wheel sealant, why not use it on paint?

So I tested it out on a spare hood (black) that I had laying around. I had it perfectly polishe IPA wipedown and ready to apply the sealant. It made the flake pop, and left .