Optima steamer dmf

Optima steamer dmf

Remove dirt, stains, grease and odors with no waste water. OPTIMA STEAMER DMF BLAU GEBRAUCHT günstig auf Amazon. Große Auswahl von Top-Marken.

Darüber hinaus bieten wir auch die betroffenen Produkte Optima steamer dmf wie optima dmf , optima . With a generator, DM( DMF ) . Das Gerät kann im Freien oder in Gebäuden mit ausreichender Belüftung verwendet werden.

Verfügbare Farben: kolory. Dank hervorragender Betriebsparameter, hochwertiger Leistung und extrem niedriger Ausfallrate hat der Optima DMF sehr schnell das Vertrauen seiner Kunden gewonnen. Using the latest in equipment technology–coupled with the unrivaled strength and purity of steam. Der Optima DMF ist ideal für den Einsatz beim . The non-idling burner allows the machine to minimize . The Optima Steamer advanced cleaning system.

Optima Steamer DMF is a revolutionary, powerful and environmentally-friendly vapor steam cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning, disaster restoration and janitorial equipment sales and service.

Optima DMF is equipped with the most heat efficient diesel boiler and generates powerful steam jet. It can be used for car wash, general cleaning, weed removal and more in mobile locations. This amazing steam cleaning machine can even remove unwanted tinting material from your car in seconds with no damage. Water tank Capacity (Ltr.): 20. Fuel tank Capacity (Ltr.): 20.

Available colors: kolory. Thanks to the excellent working parameters, high-quality performance and extremely low failure rate, the Optima DMF very quickly gained the trust of its customers. Zeer nette stoom machine werkt uitstekend werkend te zien. De optima stoomreinigers zijn ideaal voor alle denkbare reinigingsproces, . Parduodamas naudotas, tačiau puikios būklės garų aparatas optima steamer dmf. Direct water line connection enabled by an automatic water refilling system will become handy when a . Dry Steam Cleaning Machine.

Quickly, easily removes dirt, stains and grease. A second-generation Connecticut shop owner and his wife like to keep the collision repair process clean. They are constantly seeking out the newest, cutting-edge equipment available in the collision industry today.

Revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapour steam cleaning machine. The optima steam machine can clean your car, boat or even sanitize your ambulance fleet with less water and.

Sie können Ihr komplettes Auto außen mit dem Optima Steamer reinigen. Hier eignet sich der Optima Steamer durch seinen großen Dampfausstoß und der. Compare Multiple Quotes for Machinery, Large Objects Shipping at uShip. Recent Shipments include: Optima steamer dmf machine, – shipped from London to Armadale.

FOR SALE OPTIMA DMF , VERY GOOD CONDITION, TWO HOSES AND GUNS, USE FEW TIMES. Folgende Reinigungsarbeiten können problemlos mit der Maschine erledigt werden: mobile und stationäre . Download videos: hd7medium. Wasser auffüllen, Diesel auffüllen, Dampfschlauch anschließen und mit Stromversrogung verbinden.