Mot due

Mot due

Find out the MOT test status of a vehicle – check the date of the MOT test, the odometer reading (mileage) and the expiry date of an MOT test pass. Some vehicles need to be tested at one year old – check the MOT fees table to see which. Forgotten your MOT due date?

Enter your vehicle registration number into our new online MOT date checker. Book online for only £29.

Free mot check on any vehicle with our easy to use tool. Unsure when your MOT is due ? Drivers win at Confused. You just need your registration number. Then book your MOT with us from £19. Tagen – FAILING to maintain a valid MOT certificate on your car could land you with a huge fine.

When your car is still brand new, you can safely assume that the roadworthiness of the car will not be in question. The biggest issue with driving your car when it is past due for its first MOT test is the traffic police.

Use our free tool and see when your car is due for an MOT. If the vehicle is tested within the calendar month prior to when the MOT is due , the test certificate will run from the date of the test to one year after the expiry date of the current certificate. Free to enable on the Alexa Skill Store, the service works by owners reading out the vehicle registration to an Alexa-enabled device such as an Echo. This information will be available hours a day, . How can I find out when my MOT is due?

When is the first MOT on a new car due ? If you have questions on MOT due dates or other concerns, read our MOT FAQ. The expiry date on your new MOT is months from the expiry of your old one rather than months from the day you took the test, so as long as your MOT test is due in the . How long does an MOT test take? What Happens if my Vehicle fails the MOT Test ? If I have no tax or MOT can I drive my car? Do all test centres give a free re-test?

Do I need to bring my old test certificate with me? Am I notified when my test date is due ? If you are unsure when your car is due its next MOT you can find out by visiting the gov. Your questions answered on when you need an MOT.