Montana caps

Montana caps

Kompatibel mit allen anderen M. Level to Level provides thin to fat line output. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

Recomended with Alien and mtn94.

Super Skinny Cap weiss-beige. This set of caps includes one of each of: Level 1- Ultra Skinny cap , Level 2- Fine Skinny cap , Level 3- Skinny Cap , Level – . Montana Level Skinny Cap. This nice selection of caps provides endless oppo. Thanks to Bombing Science for the caps ! The Art Materials Company.

Die langerwartete “Get on my LVL” Cap ist da!

Ein Six-Panel Snapback von feinster Qualität mit 3D-Stickerei, Velvet-Schirm und Satin-Einlage für besten Tragekomfort! Je wilt iets moois maken. Maar waar haal je in één keer alles wat je nodig hebt, wanneer jij dat wilt?

Bij de beste goedkoopste graffitishop die ook nog eens snel levert. Caps Skinny Cap Blk Blk 100. GOLD Cap Level Fine Skinny 100. Contains sizes – Ultra Skinny C. Explore the CAPS Mapping System.

Easily recognizable by cap color and shape – from thin to fat – light to dark! Average spray width will vary depending on the technique of the user. Cap nozzle sizes range from ultra-skinny for detailed work to ultra-fat to cover . Forum Topic by Playdium. In den Läden mit Bedienung und Beratung.

Le spécialiste du matériel beaux-arts, graffiti et street art. Versandkostenfrei ab Euro. These leveled spray caps feature an easy-to-understand identification system based on both shape and color, and result in a varying spray output ranging from ve.

Co stocks every spray paint can cap you need from all the best brands. From skinny to fat, they have every cap for every style, outline to infill. A mixed zip lock bag with a mixture of our best caps. All caps are designed to work on the industry standard G-Valve system. View more designs and colors.

Ideal for making fine detail.