Mitas e 07

Mitas e 07

Section width, Overall diameter, Overall width . Not a brand that I was familiar with, but when I started looking for them, I found plenty of chatter about what great tires they were, and at a reasonable price. Mitas – eenduro tire test. The Dakar version is constructed with thicker sidewalls for greater puncture resistance.

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What is the difference in price between Dakar and E? Which one lasts longest ? Are you worried about tire life or performance? Its cross-ply construction and chevron tread pattern offer the perfect balance of pavement grip and real off-road traction, all in a tire . It will definitely help you to make a choice regarding your new tyres. It seems they are gaining popularity slowly in the US, and every now and then you see them.

Riding hard I put these tires through their paces and they have yet to disappoint me. Brand new, the rear lug height measures 13mm with spacing ranging between and 15mm, while the front is less aggressive, with 7mm tall lugs and spacing of .

The E-is a true adventure tire with chevron style tread pattern. This tire has a great long lasting deep tread design that can withstand sharp shale and secondary roads. The pliable knobs resist mudpack and displace water in wet and ugly road conditions. Our lines also include Vee Rubber, Kenda, Teraflex and Shinko.

We are a Michelin Race Tire Distributor. Motorace also sells Motorex, Maxima and Motul lubricants. Almost threw away my bike today.

The sidewalls are so stiff that it was only noticeable the rear was flat when I checked with an air pressure gauge. Can anyone recommend these tires? Get great prices, free shipping and fast service. Finally got new Kon my tenere after mitas Ewas worn out. Dry tar: The Kon tar is definitely better, feels more stable and sure footed.

Corners really well and good positive feedback. Does have a higher whine though. The mitas did corner well, had no . I burned up the stock rear tire in a little over a thousand miles.

I wanted a replacement that was a bit more street-friendly but would still give me decent grip off-road.

Probably should have asked before I bought. Reifen für PKWs und Transporter extrem günstig. Wir bieten Ihnen Autoreifen äußerst vorteilhaft! Würde der Tester den Reifen wieder kaufen?

Bemerkungen: mit ca kilo Gepäck, Stuttgart-Nordkapp und über Finnland und Schweden wieder zurück und dann noch nen Paar Monate zur Arbeit und Abstecher in den Wald.