Gelcoat repair

Gelcoat repair

It might be from a muffed landing, a dropped pair of fishing pliers or just a hole drilled in the wrong place. You can usually fix these yourself. It takes a bit of patience, but do it . Das GELCOAT REPAIR KIT ist zur Reparatur von Schäden in der Feinschicht im Über- und Unterwasserschiff geeignet. Everything you need to know to make an invisible gelcoat repair , from preparation and filling to topcoat and polishing.

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Get free shipping on all orders to any West Marine Store near you today. If the cracks radiate from the base of load-bearing equipment like a cleat or stanchion, there is probably a problem with the installation that deserves attention before repairing the gelcoat. Solving it might be as simple as shifting a load from undersized equipment, or installing a larger backing plate to spread . Gelcoat : from manufacturer of boat for perfect color match.

Refrigerate or freeze for longer life. Treat this as you would acid. If it gets in your eyes it could blind you.

Dremel tool with ball end cutter, nail, razor blade, knife or another method to clean out the repair. Mixing Container: Waxed paper cup is .

If you notice any chips, scrapes or gouges in the gelcoat exterior of your boat, it is important to fix the damage asap, especially if the damage exposes the fiberglass matting underneath. Aside from the durable shiny luster gelcoat adds to any fiberglass boat, most owners know little more than wash and wax it frequently. If you are looking to do some DIY gelcoat repairs, this brief primer will help achieve adequate repair. Surface scratches can be buffed out of gelcoat with polishing compoun but deep scratches must be filled.

The following will help. When the gelcoat surrounding a scratch is in good condition, the filler of choice is gelcoat paste, which provides both filler and finish in a single application — but not a single . Blend hundreds of color combinations and cures glass-hard in one hour. A special release film and no-run polyester gel makes a slick, no-sand finish quick and easy.

Complete kit contains colors, polyester gel coat . It has a wax additive making it ideal for general purp. M Marine provides quality solutions for a quality finish to ensure that your boat is fully prepared for painting to create a finish that lasts. Before attempting any fibreglass repairs it is important to ensure, like other boat repair tasks, that the surface you are working on is clean. A set of materials for gel coat repairs of minor surface damage on boats.

Eliminates deep scratches gouges cracks etc. Mixes or matches to any desired color. Gelcoat repair is inevitable throughout the lifespan of any fibreglass boat. Find out how to successfully undetake a Gelcoat Repair from our Fibreglass experts.

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A gelcoat repair on a boat can be inexpensive and easy.