Cube tuning

Cube tuning

When you build cubes, you can set various options that improve and optimize cube creation and query performance. These options can be set for all aggregations in a cube or for a specific aggregation. Moreover, these options can be set by using the PROC OLAP options or in SAS OLAP Cube Studio. After you have built a cube in SAS OLAP Cube Studio, you can add new aggregations to the cube.

You can also fine-tune the existing aggregations that were built with the cube and delete any unnecessary aggregations.

Create Hierarchies with Attribute Relationships. In my opinion, creating natural hierarchies are the single most beneficial thing an SSAS developer can do to improve the performance and usability of a cube. There are several reasons correctly defined user hierarchies are beneficial, but here are a couple of the top reasons. Car tuning from bodykit to muffler and more.

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The end result: A system that does not. Enva Chiptuningbox zum einfachen Selbsteinbau. I wrote about performance tuning on SSAS about months ago. That was on both processing performance and query performance.

This time I would like to write only about processing performance but in a bit more detail. So the usual case is something like “my cube processing takes hours, can we . This tutorial is an example step by step about how to optimize build of cube. Before do a real tunning, please get an overall understanding about Cube build process from Optimize Cube Build. We have the performance parts to boost engine power and improve handling and braking. For each Alphablox cube , you can set several tuning parameters for resource management.

Click the Administration tab. Select an Alphablox cube from. I found some synchronization issues between usage based optimization wizard and usage log table OlapQueryLog. The log table shows some records for a cube.

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The GROUP BY CUBE ckuse produces a subtotal line for each department number, and calculates a total for each job in each department, a grand total at the end of the query, and a total for each job in the following example. This post makes a point on different ways of performing SSAS tuning within a cube. Tuning Aggregations For a Cube.