Blinker fluid

Blinker fluid

An imaginary liquid used in automobiles (to make the blinkers work). This term is used as a sarcastic remark toward someone who knows ablsolutely nothing about cars. Way to reinforce every stereotype that will keep your own daughters from being taken seriously in the future, . A mythical automotive material used either in jokes or to gauge how inept someone is in basic auto mechanics.

Jon: Did you check the blinker fluid ? That is to say, it has no function because in reality there is no such thing.

Rodney Herbert was parked outside the Auto Zone in Chesterfiel Michigan when his daughters walked outside the store laughing . Need a boost in brightness? Hilarious gag gift for the whole family! Local mechanic shorting you on your fluid fill ups? PREMIUM BLINKER FLUID SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES . Fluid , Fluid , , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

It is suitable for both front and rear blinkers, despite some disreputable retailers that market two identically formulated versions for each end. He asked them to run in and get blinker fluid and a bucket of steam for the car. He even gave them a coupon!

We are a cover band based in Eastern Nebraska near Lincoln with both a male and female vocalist, playing a variety of genres (rock, oldies, country). Makes a perfect gift for that idiot driver in your life! Blinker Fluid is now available! Do they make an annoying ticking noise?

Our blinker fluid lasts ten times that. KaleCoAuto high quality synthetic blinker . Be sure to use synthetic type blinker fluid in your . This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of blinker fluid is. Online Slang Dictionary. Never worry about your lights getting dull ever again.

A blinker is an electrical circuit and contains no fluid. Prop wash is the effect a propeller has on the air as it moves through it. Fallopian tubes are what connect the ovaries to . Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

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