Ate blue racing brake fluid

Ate blue racing brake fluid

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Great as always, really sad they stopped making the blue version. TecIdentify confirms this is genuine ATE product.

ABSCHNITT 1: Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. Gemischs und des Unternehmens. Handelsname: Original ATE Bremsflüssigkeit SUPER BLUE RACING (DOT 4). Sicherheitsdatenblätter Niederlande.

Exactly the same flui just without the blue colouring. The federal standard requires motor vehicle brake fluid to be colorless or amber in . Dot – liter per bottle 2deg.

ATE Super Blue Racing Fluid has been on the market for years, but only now is it being banned. It is compatible with and will mix well with most DOT DOT or DOT 5. The formula offers a minimal drop in boiling point resulting in a long- lasting fluid . The overall high dry and wet boiling points make this fluid an excellent choice for street driven vehicles where brake fluid is flushed less . Yo do a good thing – higher temp fluids may perform better under. Today on Whats in the Box we are. Replaces Super Blue Performance Racing brake fluid , exactly the same formula but without the blue dye additive.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Find great deals on eBay for ate super blue racing brake fluid litre and ate super blue racing brake fluid. I now use Endless- I prefer over Motul 600.

Lowest Prices Stumbled upon Special suggest, Shipment for one Limited Time I love the item a lot. Can many definitly suggest. Request Yours At this moment Get . It is identical in every way to Ate Super Blue , which was removed from shelves because the blue dye was not DOT compliant.

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Product attributes: Brand: ATE. This part is discontinued. Alternatives: Product No Reference . The identical specifications of the fluid and color difference . I think ATE already ceased production of the Super Blue because it’s been banned by the US DOT. Brake fluid Class: DOT 4.